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What My Clients Say

“Deeply touched and very healing. A long, healing embrace. So grateful! In my heart, I felt soft and
present as if I were on a cloud surrounded by light, carried and protected. I could release and arrive
back to myself again. Very nurturing!”

Alina Shatrova

“Having a massage from Marlene was a real treat. She is warm, caring, intuitive and her hands can work wonders. I could completely let go and relax during the massage. Afterwards, I felt re-energized and balanced. I can warmly recommend her expert care.”

Marjorie Lumet

“The treatment was magical. I have no other words for it. Attuned and present, allowing me to surrender to my body and what it had to tell me. I felt more flow through my body during and after the session. I felt very relaxed, strong and taller when I went out the door.”

Bas Roeleveld

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