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Terms and Conditions

Embodied Emotions operates under the following General Terms and Conditions. By scheduling an appointment with Embodied Emotions, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Before the first session, the therapist will send the client an intake form for introduction and to assess their specific situation and complaints. Based on this, the therapist may develop a treatment plan if necessary and applicable. 

The client is responsible for the accuracy of their (medical) information provided in the intake form and during the conversation with the therapist. Based on this information, the session can be conducted in a responsible and safe manner.


Before and after each session, the therapist and client will jointly evaluate how the treatment was experienced.


Any data that the client provides to the therapist before or during the session will be treated confidentially and will never be disclosed to any third parties without the client’s explicit consent.


If the client is undergoing treatment of a doctor, physiotherapist, specialist, or others, and/or is taking medication the client is responsible to consult those care providers to determine if the client can receive massage sessions during the treatment period.


The sessions the client undergoes are not intended to diagnose and/or treat 'medical conditions'.
If there is doubt about a condition or injury or contraindication, it may be decided to refrain from providing treatment and refer the client to a doctor/therapist/specialist. Follow-up treatments are possible once the doctor/therapist/specialist agrees.


The therapist at Embodied Emotions may decide at any time not to proceed with the session if the condition provided by the client gives reason for contraindication.


The client uses the services of Embodied Emotions voluntarily and at their own risk, and therefore cannot hold Embodied Emotions liable for any damage arising before/during/after participation/use of treatments and/or services. Embodied Emotions is not responsible for damage and/or injury resulting from withholding medical information such as physical and/or mental conditions, injuries, and medication use.

Embodied Emotions reserves the right to refuse clients.


Embodied Emotions is not responsible for damage, theft, or loss of personal belongings of the customer in and around the practice.


For the sake of hygiene, it is expected that you shower shortly before the treatment. This is not only more pleasant for the therapist to work with but also for you to undergo the treatment.


At Embodied Emotions, sessions take place by appointment only. An appointment can be made by phone, WhatsApp, email, or via the website.


Appointments made can be canceled or rescheduled free of charge up to 24 hours before the appointment. Appointments canceled within 24 hours will be fully charged to the client. This also applies to no-shows.
Cancellations can only be done verbally/over the phone, via WhatsApp or email. Payment is made by bank transfer after the session. Invoices must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date.

Embodied Emotions reserves the right to change the rates at any time.

For appointments made before the rate change, the rate valid at the time the appointment was made applies.

The therapist reserves the right to cancel any appointment at any time before the scheduled session. In the event of cancellation by the therapist, the client will not be required to pay for the session. However, the client will not be compensated for the reserved time. The therapist will make every effort to reschedule the appointment at the earliest convenience.


The provision of erotic massages is not part of the services at Embodied Emotions. Inquiries about this are not appreciated, and the client will be immediately asked to leave the practice and is no longer welcome.

Do you want to file a complaint?

If you have a complaint about a treatment, I prefer to first try to discuss this with you. It is also possible to engage an independent complaints officer. They can assist in formulating the complaint or dissatisfaction and help find solutions. The therapist has the right to be informed of this. Embodied Emotions is affiliated with Quasir for this purpose.

In addition, Embodied Emotions is affiliated with a government-recognized dispute resolution body, Stichting Zorggeschil, and falls under the independent disciplinary jurisdiction of the RBCZ.


For more information, please visit the website of my professional association VBAG:

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