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Mind, Body and Soul



Treat your body and mind to a full-body massage with a combination of different massage techniques.



A body-focussed form of therapy, using different massage techniques, focussing and movement.


Pregnancy and/or post-partum massage to appreciate your body and honour your transition into motherhood.

Holistic Massage

Sometimes your body is screaming for attention, sometimes your body is whispering softly - either way, every body talks. Many times our bodies react directly to what is going on in our heads. But in our busy society we are sometimes too distracted to really listen to what's going on inside. During a holistic massage treatment I support you to listen to your body. We will explore together what you need. A body that feels heard and seen does not have to express itself desperately, scream for attention, or go on strike. Your body deserves loving attention.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a body-focussed form of therapy. It can be extremely beneficial for everyone who struggles with physical or emotional discomfort. The symptoms can vary from fatigue, stress or anxiety to the desire for more (breathing) space, calm or connection. I invite you to explore the relationship you have with your body. During the intake, we will develop a personal treatment plan together. Depending on your specific needs and wishes, I will make use of different tools and methods. In most cases this will be a combination of different forms of massage, movement techniques, focusing, guided meditation, etc. 

Mama Massage

Pregnancy, birth and post-partum are very special moments. Giving birth is for many women a very transformative experience.


A pregnancy massage is a very soothing and relaxing full-body treatment that helps you to connect more with your body and your baby growing inside of you. It can also be beneficial when you experience feelings of anxiety related to the upcoming birth.

A postpartum massage is a treatment adjusted to the needs of the young mother. Physical and emotional wellbeing of the mother are the main objectives. Depending on your birth experience you might opt for a full-body massage or rather focus on neck/shoulders or leg/foot massage. 

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